Alabama AGC’s workers’ compensation fund, CompTrustAGC, remains one of the largest, most stable construction self-insured fund in the state. CompTrustAGC is the only self-insured fund in Alabama with an A.M. Best rating of A-. CompTrustAGC has more than $90 million in assets with a well-capitalized members’ equity. Since 1994, CompTrustAGC has returned more than $101 million in contribution credits to its members.

The Name Says It All...

COMP / Since 1982, CompTrust has protected contractors in Alabama with the best in workers' compensation coverage.

TRUST / All participants in a self-insured workers' comp program are joint and severally liable. CompTrustAGC is secure and worry free. Our fund has been rated an A- by A.M. Best since 2001. Trust is our middle name.

AGC / CompTrustAGC is a program of the Alabama Associated General Contractors (AGC), the largest and most financially secure construction trade association in the state. Founded in 1920, Alabama AGC has a powerful voice and a broad reach with offices in Birmingham, Montgomery, Florence, Huntsville, Mobile, and Pensacola.

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