CompTrustAGC & AGCP&C, Powerful A-Rated Industry Partners

As Alabama AGC’s Eddie Stewart assumes his role as 2018 president of AGC of America, he has identified the insurance issue as a top concern of contractors as they look to the future.

Alabama AGC has long been at the forefront of that issue, first with workers’ compensation through CompTrustAGC and now with AL/GL and other products through the new AGCP&C facility.

AGCP&C coverages are made possible through a powerful partnership with the A-rated CompTrustAGC and an A-rated facility through Benchmark Insurance Co., a respected national carrier.  So, the coverages are all on A-rated paper backed by CompTrustAGC’s financial resources and experienced staff.

Nobody does construction insurance like CompTrustAGC and we are lending that expertise to the new AGCP&C products. We work closely every day with our third party administrator, American Resources Insurance Company, to make sure that all underwriting, safety and service are up to our industry-leading standards.

CompTrustAGC is working hard on AGCP&C to provide our contractor members with the outstanding level of service for which we are known. And, of course, CompTrustAGC also ensures our members that financial security is never a concern.